Working at AVANCE has a number of advantages.

Of course, we apply all the usual statutory provisions such as pension insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, occupational safety, legal dismissal protection and continued pay in case of illness.
Our tariff binding guarantees your entitlement to paid holidays and supplements for work at night, on bank holidays and Sundays .
As an
AVANCE employee you will receive a regular income and attractive extra benefits. Of course, you will also be paid if there is no work assignment.
In addition, we offer you:

  • Constant further qualifications through new tasks, structures, working methods, techniques and machines - you are developing into a top specialist.
  • Opportunities for young professionals who want to gain extensive experience and qualifications.
  • Opportunities also for older workers (50+). It is not the age of us that counts, but also the professional and life experience and the will to do good work for a fair wage.
  • The quick re-entry into working life for the jobseekers
  • An attractive, permanent job!

In summary, as an AVANCE employee, you have extensive social security.