We work for well-known customers in the region, throughout Germany and worldwide. Many of these companies initially fill the vacancies through us and use these assignments to gain an impression of our employees, with the aim of hiring them directly at a later date.
Temporary work is increasingly becoming an instrument of job placement, which means that a large number of our employees are also taken over by our client companies. About one out of four change from us to a client company over the course of a year.
Here are new opportunities for you to be mediated from temporary employment. This applies to both skilled workers and unskilled workers.
We offer a chance to those who want to work and are a stepping stone back to work, especially for the long-term unemployed, career drop-outs and career changers. Important here is the "will". Everything else we can create together.

With us you have the opportunity to carry out further training in order to be optimally prepared for the application requirements. This ensures a long-term perspective in your future job. As a member of staff, you can gain experience in professional employment with a large number of companies.
Your chance to see the world with us: We have a number of employees worldwide for renowned client companies, et al. in Mexico, USA, Finland, Norway, Israel, Egypt, China and Indonesia.
Here you not only gain professional experience, but also have the opportunity to get to know other countries and cultures as part of your work assignments.